Turnagain Nickel

Low-Carbon Nickel

The Turnagain project is being designed to be a low-carbon nickel mine.

A number of strategies are being explored to establish the Turnagain project as a world-class leader in low-carbon nickel production. 

  • Utilization of hydroelectric power 
  • Mine will use electric shovels and drills
  • Electrified mine fleet when possible (currently scoped as diesel) 
  • Sequestration of carbon dioxide through mineral carbonation
    • Initial test results show pathway to net-zero nickel mine
  • Total scope 1+2 emissions less than 2.5 t/ t Ni produced (see PEA for emissions calculations

Emission Intensity of Probable Nickel Projects

Research from Wood Mackenzie demonstrates the projected emissions for probable nickel projects.

1Turnagain CO2 intensity is for nickel contained in concentrate and not to final refined product by others. 

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