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Charitable Contributions Policy

Policy Statement

Giga Metals and its subsidiary Hard Creek Nickel Corp. are committed to being a valued partner in the communities in which we operate and supporting initiatives that improve the quality of life for current and future generations. We are committed to developing the Turnagain Project in a manner that provides economic, social and environmental benefit to the local communities, First Nations and shareholders.

We have created a Charitable Contributions Program to support these commitments, and contributions will be made on a priority basis within the allotted annual budget.

All parties requesting financial support must complete a Charitable Contribution Request form. The completed form should explain the nature of the contribution being sought and include all requested documentation. Please also attach any other relevant information that may be necessary or informative.

Contributions Policy

  • Requests should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the start of the event/project to provide sufficient time to evaluate the request.
  • Incomplete proposals or those with deadlines within 30 days of submission may not be considered.
  • The following will not be considered for funding:
    • Operating costs – inclusive of salaries, utilities, and overhead costs;
    • Religious or sectarian organizations (except where they represent non-denominational community and social support services);
    • Political organizations and candidates, individuals, and for-profit organizations;
    • Advocacy or special interest groups;
    • Endowments or debt reduction campaigns;
    • Events and activities that take place outside of Canada;
    • Retroactive requests;
    • Contributions benefiting an individual person;
    • Contributions for material items only (e.g. computers, etc.) – except if it is an essential part of a larger, holistic project (e.g. computer literacy training for youth).

Consideration is generally given to requests where the following apply:

  • The recipient is a local community organization in a community near the Turnagain Project.
  • Funds will be utilized in regions relevant to the Turnagain project.
  • Funds will directly benefit the residents of communities near the Turnagain Project.
  • Funds will benefit a group of people.
  • Community benefits or impacts that will result from the contribution should include one or more of the following: health and wellbeing, education and training, sport, or other community organizations, activities, initiatives or projects that have community support and demonstrate long-term sustainable benefits.
  • The Company receives recognition for its contributions.

We do not make charitable contributions to for-profit organizations. For-profit organizations seeking sponsorship may submit requests which will be evaluated on a commercial basis for the advertising and marketing benefits.

To accommodate contribution requests, we may choose to contribute promotional items that could be used by the requesting party.

Click here to download the request form: Charitable Contributions Request Form

Please submit requests to:

Allie Shapiro
Manager of Corporate Communications

Giga Metals Corporation
Suite 203, 700 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6C 1G8
Phone: 604-290-6435
Email: ashapiro@gigametals.com

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